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“With Medstro, I’ve been able to find brilliant young med students and residents to work on my research projects, many of whom are at other institutions and I even started a paper based on a discussion with med students on Medstro.”

Dicken Ko, MD

Urologic, Reconstructive, and Transplant Surgeon
at Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School

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“Medstro is a great place to find new friends in a new residency. My friends on Medstro have been really helpful in deciding what fellowship I should choose.”

Petra Simic MD, PhD

Internal Medicine Resident Physician
at The Massachusetts General Hospital

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“We decided to hold a medical hackathon, and I found Medstro to be a really powerful tool to organize these types of events. If you need to coordinate hundreds of doctors schedules, Medstro is the place to do it!”

Rohan Jotwani

MD/MBA Candidate
at the Tufts School of Medicine

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“Identifying mentors and collaboration partners is often difficult, and sites like Medstro are a big step in helping facilitate the necessary interaction that could borne the next revolutionary idea in medicine.”

Austin Chiang, MD

Internal Medicine Resident at
at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical Center

  • Discussion Groups

    Chat with game-changing authors, get career advice from a Fascinating Physician, or create your own discussion.

  • Contests

    Submit to an exciting interactive challenge, engage with experts in the field, or create your own contest

  • Jobs

    Find traditional and non-traditional physician jobs and student opportunities in our ginormous database.

  • Privacy Guarantee

    Medstro will never give your private information to anyone without your permission.

Meet some of our amazing members

  • Avatar of Josko Silobrcic

    Dr. Josko Silobrcic MD, MPH, MS

    Physician, educator, healthcare executive, consultant.
  • Avatar of Ajay Major

    Ajay Major MBA

    Aspiring physician-journalist and medical student activist.
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief at in-Training
  • Avatar of Fatima Cody

    Fatima Cody Stanford MD, MPH

    Obesity Medicine Clinical Research Fellow Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Avatar of Nabeel Ali

    Nabeel U. Ali

    Medical Student | Engineer | Tech Innovator
    Cardiology Research Fellow at Albany Medical Center
Avatar of Jennifer Joe

Why I founded Medstro

  • Community

    I’m often surprised to find out some of the amazing and innovative things my fellow physicians are doing, but up until now there’s been no place for all of us to share these experiences. I founded Medstro to give physicians a private, comfortable space for physicians only to talk about their charity work, research, philanthropy, entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Respect for Privacy

    Medstro will never give your private information to anyone without your permission. I founded Medstro as a private community exclusively for physicians and medical students because, as a physician myself, I know how annoying spam and cold calls are. Trust me, you won’t be getting any of that from Medstro.

  • Research Opportunities for Students

    When I was a med student, I knew that I needed to network with influential attendings in order to get the recommendations that would get me into a top residency program. Unfortunately most medical schools are “siloed” which means it’s hard to network outside your own institution. That’s why I created the “Medstro Jobs” database so that med students can find research projects outside of their institution to volunteer and expand their networks.

  • Traditional and Non-traditional Jobs

    For residents, fellows and even attendings, it’s always great if you can supplement your income and pay down those student loans. However, there isn’t anywhere on the Internet to find these non-traditional jobs (moonlighting, consulting, second-opinion services, tele-health, etc.). Until now. The “Medstro Jobs” database allows you to search specifically for these types of jobs in your specialty and location.

Our Team