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“It’s a burgeoning community of clinicians who are looking to share ideas and share opportunities. It seems like it’s grown tremendously in a short amount of time.”

Michael Docktor, MD

Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s Hospital

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“Medstro is a great place to find new friends in a new residency. My friends on Medstro have been really helpful in deciding what fellowship I should choose.”

Petra Simic MD, PhD

Internal Medicine Resident Physician at The Massachusetts General Hospital

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“We decided to hold a medical hackathon, and I found Medstro to be a really powerful tool to organize these types of events. If you need to coordinate hundreds of doctors schedules, Medstro is the place to do it!”

Rohan Jotwani

MD/MBA Candidate at the Tufts School of Medicine

Features for Building Communities & Driving Innovation

  • Medical Communities

    Give your own specialty interest group, association, or organization a technological platform to connect, engage, and organize in between meetings. Or join a pre-existing group!

  • Challenges

    Advance your innovation idea by checking out our open challenges here. Or you can create a contest or challenge of your own!

  • Privacy & Safety

    Medstro utilizes the most up-to-date standards to ensure your privacy is guaranteed and your information is safe & protected.

Interested in your own White-labeled Community or Challenge?

We are the leading solution for medicine and healthcare.

Our Software as a Service is used by some of the oldest and most prestigious medical organizations, companies, and hospital systems—including the American Medical Association, the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Hospital Association, Boston Scientific, and Philips Healthcare.

Medstro Communities
Medstro Communities

Online Communities Platform

Our software is completely customizable to meet your medical organization’s specific needs, and we host it as a platform as a service, drastically reducing the expense and hassle of managing a complicated technology platform.

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Medstro Challenges
Medstro Communities

Challenge Platform & Services

We offer a wide range of solutions, from basic to comprehensive, so that you can pick out just the pieces you need; or outsource a fully customized digital challenge platform and live event production team without your team lifting a finger.

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Featured in

Should Physicians Be Logging in to Avoid Burning Out?

“Social media networks for physicians appear to have been successful for a number of reasons. They have also drawn the attention of organizations like the NEJM group, and Google, both of which have secured partnerships with Medstro. These social media platforms are providing physicians with robust, interactive, and engaging social networks that are helping to virtually break down the silos of institution and geography, and allowing physicians to collaborate, get advice, or just chat, crucially allowing them to draw on a broad network of support.”

March 23, 2015

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Medstro wants to redefine healthcare social media

“But unlike others that have emerged in the area, Boston-based Medstro is looking to not only seize the web for collaboration, but also hosting events and collaborative competitions that it hopes will spur more lively engagement among its user base...[Medstro] is much more than just a website that encourages connections. Instead, the focus is on actual, physical collaboration, with the website serving as a mere starting point…”

March 2, 2015

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From Mississippi to Boston: An Interview with Jennifer M. Joe, MD

“We are in an interesting time in medicine, where government regulations, general dissatisfaction with the current medical system and technology are all creating an opportunity for us to be part of the change to make medicine better for everyone. This is why I want to encourage communication, collaboration and open discussions — which is actually why I’ve invested $100,000 of my own money so far to create Medstro and MedTech Boston.”

May 20, 2014

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Mentorship in Medicine: Jennifer Joe, MD

“I feel alive and inspired now, being surrounded by innovation and entrepreneurship. This generation of doctors is going to fix American health care, and I want to be here to see it happen and to help give you the tools that I didn’t have.”

August 6, 2014

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Hacking Silos at Medstro

“New website Medstro is bringing a social sensibility to the triple mission of academic medicine. Combining the status update and news feed features of Facebook with the conversational capabilities of an old-school online message board, Medstro aims to improve medical education, research, and patient care by giving doctors and medical students a space to connect and learn from one another in real time.”

February 24, 2015

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