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Enhancing the registration process of patients entering the Emergency Department

The goal: to possess “walk right in” technology. Therefore, participants must create a piece of technology that stores patient health information and streamlines the Emergency Department’s registration process.

A patient arrives in a hospital emergency room, badly injured. The trauma and emergency team must work quickly to save their life. But they know nothing about the individual’s medical history. Are they diabetic? Are they on a blood-thinning medication? Do they have heart disease? Our goal is to make accessing medical care as simple as placing an order at a convenience store. Our ideal piece of technology will allow our patients to walk right in to the Emergency Room. The chip will improve patient safety, convenience and personalized care. Essentially, it will be able to speak for patients when patients cannot speak for themselves.

Everyone who submits will get:

The top ten submissions in this online challenge will get:

  • Invitation to demo their solutions in front of a live audience at Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield in Pittsburgh, PA on September 15, 2017.

Submission judging criteria:

  • Practicality
  • Trial specifically for ED registration
  • Patient safety/Privacy
  • Improved registration time
  • Smartphone apps must support iOS to be eligible

All kinds of submissions are welcome:

  • Individuals or teams with great ideas
  • Early stage companies with prototypes
  • Mature startups
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