Geneia Joy of Medicine Challenge


  • EHR of the Future Prize

    In the words of one physician, “Spending time with patients is part of the joy of medicine. Spending time with the EHR is not.”

    How would you change the EHR to help you restore the joy of medicine to your practice? Explain what the “Joy of Medicine” means to you and how you would change the EHR to enable that. Does it mean more time with patients? Less paperwork? Better work-life balance? Something else? If you could wave a magic wand and create the EHR of your dreams, what would you add, change, or get rid of?

    The winner of this prize receives $1000 in cash.


  • Population Health Prize

    With more and more health data being collected by EHRs and other systems, we’re seeing new opportunities to harness this data to solve the big health problems facing our patients such as depression, tobacco use, obesity, vaccinations, low screening rates, etc.  More than 60% of physicians believe that population health software improves their ability to efficiently assess patient history and needs as well as helps them get value and improved outcomes from chart documentation.  What data would you use to improve population health and personalized health, and how would you use it? Feel free to consider data that is not currently being collected but that you think would be useful. How would your idea help restore the Joy of Medicine to you and your practice?

    The winner of this prize receives $1000 in cash.

  • Joy of Medicine Prize

    A recent survey found that 67% of physicians know a peer that is thinking of leaving the profession as a result of burnout and 84% believe that quality patient time may be a thing of the past.

    In light of these findings, how can we restore the joy of practicing medicine?  If you could, what would you change about how medicine is practiced today in order to improve the job satisfaction, work/life balance, and emotional well-being of physicians?

    The winner of this prize receives $1000 in cash.

  • Final Pitch-Off Winner

    The winners of the above three prizes will be invited to a live event to "pitch" their ideas to a panel of expert judges. The winner of this "Final Pitch-Off" will receive $5000 in consulting resources from Geneia to help make their idea a reality!

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