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    • Orthopaedic Surgery
    Medical Consultant (for startups), President at Massachusetts Medical Society Alliance Boston North District, Mentor at MassChallenge, former Research Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, Sports fanatic
    Medical Consultant (for startups), President at Massachusetts Medical Society Alliance Boston North District, Mentor at...
    Dr. Yvonne Braun obtained her medical degree and doctorate at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany. As a resident in the Orthopedic, Trauma- and Reconstructive Department it did not take long to realize she would like to further her skills on the international stage. Dr. Braun moved to Boston in 2012, and she began a research fellowship at the Orthopedic Hand and Upper Extremity, Orthopedic Spine, and Oncology Spine Department at MGH. She carried out multiple prospective, retrospective, translational, and biomechanical studies mainly focusing on patient outcomes, quality and safety themes. As an educator in Germany and in Boston she enjoyed mentoring her colleagues and supervised national and international medical students. Having a strong passion for health care and patient outcomes Dr. Braun is thrilled about the new digital technologies and health solutions that make a real impact in preventive health care. She is excited about the ongoing revolution in healthcare and the dynamics between entrepreneurships/innovators, incubators, and investors in Boston, therefore she switched paths from clinical to entrepreneurial work. Dr. Braun serves as a medical consultant for several startups and on the advisory board of Germany’s largest digital health marketing agency. Further, she serves as President of the Massachusetts Medical Society Alliance – an organization that promotes health and well-being of the family of medicine in the Boston North district. She also volunteers her time as a Mentor at MassChallenge - the world largest startup accelerator. In her free-time, Dr. Braun enjoys running, sailing and yoga. She loves to travel with her husband exploring new cultures.
    • Not Boarded
    • Health Policy
    • Clinical Informatics
    • Emergency Medicine
    Emergency Medicine Resident, Immediate Past Chair of the AMA-MSS
    Emergency Medicine Resident, Immediate Past Chair of the AMA-MSS

    Christopher Libby, MD, MPH, is a PGY-1 at the University of Central Florida's North Florida Regional Medical Center emergency medicine residency with an interest in finding more cost-effective, evidence-based approaches to delivering higher quality care through better uses of clinical data. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2017. He has experience in healthcare information technology, quality improvement, and advocacy. Dr. Libby is currently the Immediate Past Chair of the American Medical Association's Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS) and has previously served as chair of the AMA-MSS Health Information Technology Task Force as well as a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) EHR Task Force, Medical Library Trustees, and the MMS Committee on Oral Health, MMS Committee on Information Technology and the AMA-MSS Committee on Economics and Quality in Medicine. Dr. Libby was formally a Product Development Consultant with UpToDate where he was tasked with developing clinical decision support tools encompassing software development, application design, clinical to technical translations, and general technical support. He was also a Technical Consultant with Galen Healthcare Solutions, where he worked with executives and directors to both develop IT solutions to quality improvement initiatives as well as advise clients on custom reporting solutions for Meaningful Use, NQF, UDS, pay-for-performance programs, and custom initiatives.

    • Clinical Informatics
    CEO of MD Idea Lab
    CEO of MD Idea Lab
    • CEO and Founder at MD Idea Lab
    Healthcare innovation physician and founder of Looking to meet doctors with ideas to improve healthcare through digital health solutions.
  • Associate at Healthbox
    Associate at Healthbox
    Pallavi supports operations for the Healthbox Boston accelerator program, coordinating all activities and supporting the companies and the wider New England innovation community. Prior to joining the team, Pallavi worked for the American Institute of Mathematics where she facilitated the development and growth of a young, education-based startup. She spent one year working on public engagement for the Stanford Center for Innovation and Global Health and has contributed to multiple projects within the World Bank’s Latin American Health Sector. Pallavi also spent one year in Spain as a professional water polo athlete. Pallavi received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology with a concentration in Immunology and Infectious Disease alongside a Minor in Psychology from Stanford University.
  • Global Business Strategy Manager at CAMTech
    Global Business Strategy Manager at CAMTech
    Ms. Smitha Gudapakkam is CAMTech’s Global Business Strategy Manager and focuses on growing the CAMTech program both locally and globally. In addition, she leads the CAMTech Online Innovation Platform and advices entrepreneurs globally to help accelerate their innovations to commercialization and patient impact. Ms. Gudapakkam provides an engineering and business lens to CAMTech’s initiatives through her background and experience in the healthcare industry. Ms. Gudapakkam has worked for large medical device companies such as Boston Scientific and Covidien and has contributed in research and development of new products as well as setting and executing strategy for division growth. Her expertise includes project management and implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software in several outpatient health networks across the country. Ms. Gudapakkam was born and brought up in Southern India, where she pursued her Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from Osmania University. She moved to the United States in pursuit of her Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Syracuse University, New York. Ms. Gudapakkam also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Babson College, Wellesley MA with Global Management as her concentration.
  • Director of Administration and Finance at Boston Biomedical Innovation Center
    Director of Administration and Finance at Boston Biomedical Innovation Center
    Lesley Watts is the Director of Administration and Finance for the Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC). With twenty years of experience in the field of research management, Lesley specializes in supporting multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary collaborations. She started her career as part of the team responsible for re-organizing the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, one of the National Cancer Institute’s cooperative clinical trials groups. She later became the Administrative Director of the National Center for Research Resources’ General Clinical Research Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Before joining B-BIC, she was the Senior Program Manager at the Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology. Ms Watts holds a Masters in Social Work from Boston College and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from McGill University.
  • Executive Board Chair, Boston Young Healthcare Professionals; Associate Program Manager of Innovation, Liberty Mutual
    Executive Board Chair, Boston Young Healthcare Professionals; Associate Program Manager of Innovation, Liberty Mutual
    • Associate Program Manager - Innovation at Liberty Mutual
    Justin Yiu is currently an Associate Program Manager of Innovation at Liberty Mutual. In this role, he manages the innovation portfolio for the Personal Insurance business unit. He also serves on the Executive Board of Boston Young Healthcare Professionals (BYHP), a non-profit organization which connects healthcare professionals from all sectors to develop strong cross-sector relationships and build knowledge across all healthcare fields. In this role, he leads a team of 20+ people to set the organization’s strategic direction and organizational structure. Since 2010, BYHP has organized more than 60 events to help connect over 2,000 healthcare professionals across the Boston area. Justin graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in economics and actuarial mathematics. His career started off in the actuarial field where he worked at Cigna and Sun Life Financial. During this time, he held several roles in healthcare pricing and financial planning. He also spent one year in international investment products. Justin has lived in Boston over the last 4 years. He is deeply passionate about innovation and how it can be used to create healthier lives. During his spare time, you will find him trying out new restaurants with his friends or at the gym experimenting with different workouts.
  • Senior Project Manager – Devices at Boston Biomedical Innovation Center
    Senior Project Manager – Devices at Boston Biomedical Innovation Center
    Erin is the Senior Project Manager for the Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC). In her current role she provides project management support to academic researchers to support the transition of their research into product realization. Erin started her career in Research and Development at Boston Scientific as Research and Development engineer, supporting the development and commercialization of several vascular graft and peripheral embolization products. She then moved into a project management role and shifted her focus to implementing company-wide product development life-cycle process improvements and developing metrics to measure development performance. Ms. McKenna holds MBA and MS degrees in Global Management from Babson College and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.
  • Director at Science Shaping Our World-SHOW
    Director at Science Shaping Our World-SHOW
    I have a long-standing interest in HIV and in particular, HIV vaccine research. Before returning to graduate school to obtain a Ph.D, I worked in industry on the development of both adjuvant assisted subunit and DNA HIV vaccines. My work currently focuses on examining virus-specific cellular immune responses induced by recombinant herpes simplex virus vaccine vectors for SIV. I have developed the in vivo cytotoxicity assay in monkeys with the hope that it will be advantageous over current assays in predicting the protective efficacy of AIDS vaccine candidates in nonhuman primates. Specialties:Immunologist with emphasis in HIV pathogenesis and HIV vaccine development.
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    • Research, Medical Device Development, Clinical Software Development
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    Co-Founder at Health Innovators
    Co-Founder at Health Innovators
    Michael is the co-founder of Health Innovators, which is an organization in Boston that sparks innovation through offering its community networking and education opportunities. Health Innovators will also be opening a co-working space soon in Cambridge, MA. Michael holds a Bachelor of Accounting & Finance and a Master of Innovation & Technological Entrepreneurship from University of Massachusetts Lowell.
  • With years of both business development and fundraising experience, my objective is to combine these areas of expertise to establish interaction among entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, industry, investors, state agencies and others to contribute to a rich entrepreneurial business ecosystem in the Commonwealth. As Associate Director of M2D2, I have a number of roles and wear lots of hats. You may find me showing lab and office space to new start up companies, or leading a tour for international businessmen, or crunching numbers for a financial report, or touting the strengths of the M2D2-UMass Medical School partnership at a community networking event, or keeping a “Shark Tank” pitch event running on time, or having coffee with any number of local business leaders interested in corporate sponsorship. I’ve worked to establish programs, organized and run events and I’ve traveled locally and internationally to establish business partnerships. Read more:
  • Founder/President at Munevar & Associates, Inc.
    Founder/President at Munevar & Associates, Inc.
    Summary: I am focused on bridging innovations and discoveries from the research bench to patient bedside through technology development and commercialization by providing multidisciplinary experience and expertise in biomedical science, bioengineering, and business management. Details: As a Biomedical research scientist, Dr. Munevar contributed first hand towards the growth and advancement of life science research. Seeking to further play a role in the realization of the vast potential he observed during his tenure as a research scientist, Dr. Munevar set out to apply his multidisciplinary background in bioengineering, biomedical sciences, and business management towards bridging the gap between research bench and patient bedside. With this vision, Dr. Munevar sought to build a comprehensive bench to bedside technology development and commercialization solutions resource geared towards realizing the healthcare potential of emerging biomedical research, leading to the inception of Munevar and Associates, Inc. Further highlighting his passion for all things science Dr. Munevar sought to create a stage where the cutting edge translation science taking place in and around Boston could be showcased. In 2009 he launched Science Shaping Our World-SHOW an ongoing seminar and networking series. SHOW’s mission is to bring together a multidisciplinary audience spanning academia and industry providing exposure and insight into the life science advancements changing our world. Currently, Dr. Munevar is working towards the development and growth of the Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI). HBI is a novel not-for-profit translational science research institute, focused on better bridging the gap between research bench and patient bedside. HBI’s mission is to drive multidisciplinary innovation at the convergence of discovery and pre-clinical through the synergistic application of biology, engineering, and computation to address unmet health care need. Through leveraging advances in data mining, computation/data modeling, real-time laboratory outsourcing, and a multidisciplinary team of researchers and advisers HBI will bring about a paradigm shift in translational science leading to an acceleration of therapeutics development.
    • Research Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Boston University
    Mario Cabodi is a Research Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department of Boston University. He received an MSci degree in Physics from Imperial College (London) and a Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell University, where he was also a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Chemical Engineering. At Cornell, Dr. Cabodi used micro- and nano-fluidics for analytical separations of biomolecules, and later developed microfluidic techniques for tissue engineering applications. He joined Boston University in 2006 as Deputy Director of the Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology, and in 2008 joined the research faculty as Research Assistant Professor. At Boston University, he is applying his expertise in nanofabrication to interdisciplinary projects, such as: sample concentration methods for biosensors and point-of-care diagnostics, microfluidics for ultrasound contrast agents, and microfabrication in hydrogels for cancer metastasis models. He has also developed and taught courses in Nanomedicine and Device Design.
  • John Bachir is a Co-Founder at Medstro and CTO for the product team of 5. Previously he worked on projects in content management and electronic media commerce. Outside of Medstro, he is a mentor for the lean product development course at NYU's ITP program. In his free time he likes to stay abreast of social justice issues and study Spanish.
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