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CogCubed (innovative games to improve cognition): Q&A with Founders CEO Kurt Roots, MBA, MS, and CMO Monika Roots, MD

CogCubed is developing games for clinicians and consumers with broad applicability to researchers. These games focus on a variety of cognitive areas, such as assessing and improving executive functioning.

Some of these games utilize a new platform made of small, holdable cubes originally spun out of the MIT Media Lab. The cubes bridge the gap between our physical world and the digital world by allowing players to physically manipulate objects as they solve problems in the game. The interactive and playful nature of this and other systems we employ increases engagement which optimizes learning. And while players are immersed, we collect detailed data about behavior.

In this forum, the Founders, CEO Kurt Roots, MBA, MS, and CMO Monika Roots, MD answer your questions!

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