The specialty pharmacy patient journey can be incredibly complex. Medication adherence is at the core of the healthcare value equation impacting all stakeholders. Specialty drugs are more complex than most prescription medications and are used to treat patients diagnosed with serious and life altering and sometimes life-threatening conditions. The complexity of these medications may be due to the drug itself, the way it is administered, the management of its side effect profile, the disease or condition it is used to treat, special access conditions required by the manufacturer, payer authorization or benefit requirements, patient financial hardship or any combination of these. The expert services that specialty pharmacies provide drive adherence and persistency and ensure appropriate, safe and effective medication use. The specialty pharmacy's patient-centric model is designed to provide a comprehensive and coordinated model of care for patients with chronic illnesses and complex medical conditions, achieve superior clinical and economic outcomes, and expedite patient access to care.

Innovation in the healthcare delivery system is robust! The future is focused on precision medicine, personalized treatment regimens and controlling the patient journey. The use of digital health technology, patient engagement tools, telehealth and other innovative patient management solutions can assist specialty pharmacy industry stakeholders in providing the resources required to overcome obstacles and improve outcomes.

In this challenge, consider how your innovative solution can benefit all stakeholders—patients, specialty pharmacies, clinicians, manufacturers, and payers—across the specialty pharmacy patient care continuum.

What is the challenge designed to do?

Identify new and innovative concepts in patient health management that can help specialty pharmacy stakeholders overcome barriers, enhance the specialty pharmacy patient journey and improve outcomes both clinically and economically. More broadly, the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Challenge is designed to foster a patient health management innovation community where multi-stakeholder discussions can build strong, robust challenge submissions leading to successful, life-changing processes, innovative technologies and advances in telehealth. The challenge seeks to:

  • Bring together people (patients, specialty pharmacists, clinicians and payers) from across the healthcare ecosystem to identify pain points within the specialty pharmacy journey and to discuss patient health management solutions.
  • Understand how patient health management solutions can augment other care paradigms for specialty pharmacy patients.
  • Consider how these solutions can support a value-based care paradigm to improve specialty patient and pharmacist journeys, make care more efficient and ultimately lower healthcare costs.

Who can participate in the NASP Challenge?

The Challenge is open only to individuals who are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry, except for the following:

  • Employees, officers, directors and contractors of National Association of Specialty Pharmacy or its subsidiaries or affiliates, and/or any member of their immediate family (i.e., a spouse, parent, grandparent, child or grandchild) or household of any of the foregoing individuals
  • Residents of countries, states or other jurisdictions where such Challenges are prohibited

How does the Challenge Work?

Submit your idea on the contest submission page. Voting is crowd-sourced (encourage your friends to come and vote for you!). The Official Judges will also vote after the submission deadline.

Three finalists will be chosen by a combination of crowd voting and the scores of the official judges. Two finalists will be chosen at the sole discretion of NASP, regardless of judge and crowd source voting.

Do I need a Formal Project?

No, your submission can be purely at the idea stage. You don't need to have started a company or have a prototype already. Just explain your ideas/plans in the submission form.

What are the Judging Criteria?

  • Practicality: Does the presenter clearly state the problem they are solving? How does their idea solve the problem and how will they evaluate how well their solution works? Can the idea be realistically implemented in today's environment at a reasonable cost?
  • Impact: We are looking for ideas that positively impact the patient journey, providing the resources required to overcome obstacles and improve outcomes across all specialty pharmacy industry stakeholders.
  • Areas of focus: Concepts that are focused on using digital health technology, patient engagement tools, telehealth and other innovative patient management solutions are of the most interest.

Can I edit my entry after I submit it?

You may edit your entry up until someone votes or comments on it. After that, you can communicate with the judges directly to expand and refine your idea. The judges will consider all of your responses as part of the overall submission.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes, you can submit as many ideas as you like. 

What do I win?

Five finalists will be chosen to pitch their ideas virtually on September 16, 2020 at the 2020 NASP Annual Meeting and Expo Virtual Experience before a panelist of judges. The winner will be featured on a NASP webinar offered to all NASP members (2000+) and featured on the NASP Podcast part of the Pharmacy Podcast Nation which is distributed by iHeart radio, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Google Podcast with 75,000+ subscribers.  The winner will additionally receive acknowledgement at this year's meeting and in the post meeting marketing materials; two complimentary passes to next year's NASP Annual Meeting & Expo; and a 10% discount on a booth at next year's NASP Annual Meeting & Expo.

Do I keep my intellectual rights?

Your ideas and concepts remain yours. Please remember that the submission platform is public disclosure.

Will I have the opportunity to develop my idea with one of the challenge sponsors?

NASP challenge sponsors will have the first right to work with the challenge winner to further develop the winning concept.  In the event there are multiple challenge sponsors, it will be the responsibility of the sponsors to determine how they will collaborate with the challenge winner.  NASP, Pharmacy Times and Medstro will facilitate introductions of the challenge winner to sponsors who are interested in potential collaboration opportunities but not be involved in any decisions made by the challenge winner or sponsors. 

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