About NEJM Group Open Forum

NEJM Group Open Forum is an online discussion platform where any physician or medical student can ask questions and discuss research, policy and career development with authors of articles in the New England Journal of Medicine as well as prominent physicians, editors and subject-matter experts.

Can Anyone Ask a Question?

You must be a medical student or physician, and register as a user of Medstro to ask questions in NEJM Group Open Forum.

What is Medstro?

Medstro is a professional and social network for physicians and medical students. Our mission is to provide an online collaboration and networking platform to enable physicians and medical students to discover mentors, collaborators and friends, share information and disseminate clinical best practices quickly to improve patient outcomes and physician wellbeing.

Do I have to use my Real Name?

Yes, everyone on Medstro must register with their real name. Accounts that use false names or pseudonyms will be removed.

How do I Ask a Question?

Click on https://medstro.com/groups/nejm-group-open-forum/discussions and click on one of the Active Discussions in the list. At the top of the discussion, click "Ask a Question".

Will all Questions be Answered

Not all questions are guaranteed to be answered. To give your question a better chance of being answered, encourage your friends and colleagues to "like" the question so that it rises to the top of the list.

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