PBMI Innovation Challenge

PBMI Innovation Challenge 2021

Challenged by increasing treatment costs, payers are seeking innovative methods for managing risk, reducing costs, and improving outcomes. PBMs are concerned with rising Medicare enrollments and the increasing acceptance of specialty drugs. Industry trends reveal greater collaboration and risk-sharing, while health organizations are providing more transparency with their data and pricing models.

Through the development of innovative solutions like risk-based contracting, cost-cutting through emerging technologies such as e-prescribing, and methods to achieve savings in pharmacy dispensing fees and drug acquisitions costs, PBM’s, Specialty Pharmacies, Payers and pharmacy service providers are taking a leadership role in helping contain costs and improving patient outcomes.

In this challenge, consider how your innovative solution can benefit all stakeholders—patients, specialty pharmacies, clinicians, manufacturers, and payers—across the patient care continuum.

2022 PBMI Innovation Challenge

About the Challenge

Identify new and innovative concepts in pharmacy benefit management that can help stakeholders overcome cost barriers, and improve outcomes both clinically and economically. More broadly, the PBMI Challenge is designed to foster a patient-centric innovation community where multi-stakeholder discussions can build strong, robust challenge submissions leading to successful, life-changing processes, innovative technologies and advances in care delivery. 

The challenge aims to:

  • Bring people together (pharmacy benefit managers, patients, clinicians and payers) from across the healthcare ecosystem to identify challenges and opportunities to provide greater affordable access to lifesaving treatments while improving patient health management solutions.

The final judging of the 2021 PBMI Innovation challenge will take place on September 14th at 4:00 in our general session at the PBMI 2021 Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL

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Annual Conference Info:

Join us for the 2021 PBMI® Annual National Conference

September 13-15, 2021, JW Marriott, Orlando, Grande Lakes

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Winner will be awarded a marketing package valued at over $100K

The winner will receive a full year integrated marketing package with our PBMI media partner, Managed Healthcare Executive™ valued at over $100K. This package includes a feature article in a regular issue of MHE™, circulated to over 45,000 payer decision makers.

Types of submissions we are looking for



Does the presenter clearly state the problem they are solving? How does their idea solve the problem and how will they evaluate how well their solution works? Can the idea be realistically implemented in today's clinical environment at a reasonable cost?

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We are looking for ideas that positively impact patient access, reduce the overall cost to the healthcare delivery system, and improve patient outcomes across the continuum.

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Areas of Focus

Concepts that are focused on using digital health technology, patient engagement tools, innovative contracting strategies, and population health management solutions are of the most interest.

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