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Service Heroes--Colonel Shad Deering, Lieutenant Colonel Matt Hueman and Purple Heart recipient Justin Constantine

TEDxBeaconStreet Ask the Speaker Series: Second Edition

Service Heroes

We are thrilled to announce an opportunity to reengage with our Speakers from the 2016 TEDxBeaconStreet Health Salon. Medstro has provided our community with an online discussion forum, where we all can pose questions directly to a group of Speakers for two exciting weeks.

Colonel Shad Deering had a great "fun fact" for our attendee list in 2015: "I've delivered a baby in a combat zone." True to his word, Shad has many exciting stories to tell; but more importantly, he's on a mission. Shad is committed to the health of mothers and babies, no matter where they are, and he serves as the Chair of OB/GYN at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He has a great idea for how to train doctors to deliver babies more safely, in hospitals and out. His long experience studying childbirth safety and doctor training will change how we approach these critical issues. 

Lieutenant Colonel Matt Hueman comes from a military family, and his experiences have taught him to value the people he meets in every country he's visited or lived in; he served his country by treating anyone he encountered who needed help, no matter their nationality, and he's proud to have learned about the higher goal of connecting with others. Matt continues to serve as the Chief of Surgical Oncology at the Walter Reed military hospital. 

Purple Heart recipient Justin Constantine served as a U.S. Marine until a tragic accident in Iraq led him down a different path. He is now a well-known advocate for veterans and a board member of the Wounded Warrior Project. Justin's incredible story of perseverance and positivity against overwhelming obstacles inspired our audience, and we are excited to engage again with this brave and generous advocate. Justin is committed to the idea that we are more than we think we are, that we can do more than we thought possible, and we are braver than we know. Engage with him online to learn how he came to these conclusions. 

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