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    Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Member of Global Genes
    Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Member of Global Genes
    • Physician/Surgeon at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School
    Ayesha is a Board Certified ENT surgeon with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She recently completed her MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the Sloan Fellows Program - a program focused on innovation and global leadership. Ayesha is a systems thinker and a healthcare innovation enthusiast. While at Sloan, Ayesha joined MIT H@cking Medicine to help promote disruptive thinking in healthcare. Prior to Sloan, Ayesha served on several Boards for medical organizations, performed cutting edge basic science and clinical research in the areas of inflammation and mucociliary clearance. She is a Medical & Scientific Board Member of Global Genes. As a practicing clinician, understands the healthcare change process and the need to foster cross-disciplinary engagement. She is involved with an innovative venture -Collective Healthtech - that is innovating the way hospitals collaborate on a global level. Ayesha is deeply committed to her passion of promoting girls to study scientific fields as well as technology and engineering. During her time at MIT, she engaged in several educational technology initiatives including a project in Peter Senge's Leadership Lab at MIT Sloan. Through this, she was part of a project at Porto Seguro School in Sao Paulo, Brazil that worked on the integration of technology in education using a systems thinking approach to encourage student-centered learning. @ayeshakhalidmd @mithackmed
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