• Director of MIT AgeLab
    Director of MIT AgeLab

    Joseph F. Coughlin, Ph.D. is Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab. His research examines how demography, social trends and technology will shape future innovations in business and government. His current projects examine the role of trust, online information seeking and elements of behavioral finance, e.g., framing, influence retirement planning and health engagement across the lifespan. Dr. Coughlin teaches policy and systems innovation and has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed publications and reports. He has advised numerous governments, the World Economic Forum, OECD, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Dr. Coughlin works extensively with leading companies translating insights in consumer behavior and technology into business innovation. His research and collaboration with industry has earned him recognition as one of Fast Company Magazine’s ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’ and the Wall Street Journal has called him one of “12 pioneers inventing the future of aging and how we will all live, work and play tomorrow.” Money Magazine recently featured him as a Retirement Game Changer. Dr. Coughlin is frequently interviewed by the Economist, Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Straights Times and other business and technology publications. He has appeared on national and global newscasts including ABC, BBC, Globo Brasil, CBC, CBS, CNN, Japan's NHK, NBC and NPR.

  • Executive Director, Brigham Innovation Hub
    Executive Director, Brigham Innovation Hub

    Business leader with proven track record in starting new companies, developing new revenue models and guiding culture change through innovation. Passionate about the opportunity to have an impact on patient care and healthcare delivery through new technologies.

    Two decades of experience in business and strategic planning, business development, marketing and partnerships. Skilled at creating growth at start up, early stage and large companies. Proficient in recruiting, training, motivating and instilling confidence in individuals and teams. 

    Specialties: Healthcare Innovation, Digital Health, Academic/Industry Collaborations, New Revenue Models, Business Development, Life Sciences, Health IT, Care Redesign, Biotech, Patient Engagement, Patient Experience, Strategic Partnerships, Marketing, Marketing Partnerships, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Branding and Positioning, Communications, Strategic Planning, Product Marketing

    **I am particularly interested in science and new treatments around Food Allergies. Please reach out to me if you are working on anything novel in treatment for food allergies.

    • Geriatric Medicine
    • Internal Medicine
    • Clinical Informatics
    • Population health informatics
    • Clinical analytics
    • Population health analytics
    • Startups
    • Health Care Administration
    Geriatric Physician Executive, Informatics & Tech Expert
    Geriatric Physician Executive, Informatics & Tech Expert
    • Academic Medical Publications: at .
    Wen Dombrowski, MD, MBA is a geriatrics physician executive who intersects clinical medicine, technology, business, and policy who is best known for her advocacy for older adults, use of social media (including 20,000+ Twitter followers), her dinners with new and established innovative healthcare leaders, and inside knowledge of on the ground medical technology ecosystems across the US. She is visionary in strategy and operationally gets things done by connecting ideas, people, and resources. Her clinical expertise focuses on vulnerable populations with complex medical and social needs, including older adults, people with disabilities, patients with life-limiting illnesses, and the urban poor. She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Clinical Informatics. She was previously Chief Medical Information Officer for a homecare provider, Clinical Informatics Director at a multi-specialty network of community clinics, and Medical Director at a special needs managed care plan for Medicaid-Medicare dual-eligible seniors. Dr. Dombrowski develops technology, business, and collaborative healthcare solutions to improve the quality of life in vulnerable populations. In addition to working with health systems and clinicians, Dr. Dombrowski advises health tech startups, aging and technology organizations, and other healthcare stakeholders. She is regularly invited to speak at national and regional conferences about aging, health information technology, social media, and workforce development. She uses social media to foster dialogue between patients, providers, business executives, and technology companies to address the challenges and solutions to healthcare.
    • Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder at Kyruus
    Julie oversees product strategy, product management, and engineering as the Chief Product Officer of Kyruus.  Her prior experience spans across software engineering, sales, and product management roles at startups in the enterprise software and healthcare services industries.   Prior to founding Kyruus, Julie served as the Vice President of Clinical Products at Generation Health, where she led the design and development of the company's clinical decision support programs and data analytics services offerings.  She also managed the development and launch of the world's first private whole genome sequence analysis platform as a product manager at Knome, and spent several years at Endeca Technologies building and selling search and analytics solutions to solve the information access problems of Fortune 500 companies in the e-commerce, financial services, and healthcare industries.   Julie completed her undergraduate work at MIT in computer science and pre-medicine, and earned MS and MBA degrees through the Harvard-MIT Health, Sciences, and Technology (HST) program and MIT Sloan School of Management.  She currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and the Advisory Board of NewCo Boston, and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.  
  • Digital Innovation, Strategic Partnerships & Investments at CVS Health
    Digital Innovation, Strategic Partnerships & Investments at CVS Health
    • Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation (Digital) at CVS Health

    Working to accelerate innovation through healthcare and tech investments, acquisitions and strategic partnerships at the CVS Health Digital Innovation Lab. Previously worked to catalyze innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in order to better position the institute to respond to the changing dynamics within healthcare and, prior to that, in biotechnology at Genetic Services, Inc. as Director of Operations.

    Specialties: Business strategy, strategic partnerships, healthcare venture capital, corporate business development, healthcare/life science strategy, digital health strategy, joint ventures, healthcare technology transfer, operations/project management, general management, market research, “big data”, technology integration, health IT and telemedicine.

  • Matteo Lai is Co-founder and CEO of Empatica, who develops groundbreaking wearable devices with clinical quality sensing. We are a super passionate team, from diverse engineering fields, such as sensor design, electrical, DSP, data science, biomedical, and software development and wearable.

    We design and develop the world's smallest and most accurate wearable device for medical research of human behavior in daily life. Our E4 is used in 30 countries around the world, its clients are the most respected hospitals, universities, and companies that use it for advanced research on human behavior. The E4 provides the most sophisticated way to monitor autonomic nervous system disruption and heart rate variability, among a set of 5 sensors.

    • marketing
    • business development
    • Patient Engagement
    EVP, Marketing & Business Development at Medisafe
    EVP, Marketing & Business Development at Medisafe
    • EVP, Marketing & Business Development at Medisafe

    As EVP Marketing and Business Development for Medisafe, Jon is responsible for consumer growth and adoption, strategic partnerships, and monetization through industry stakeholders such as biopharma, hospital systems, and consumer hardware and medication packaging companies. Jon unites 20 years of experience in digital consumer behaviors and psychologies and a keen understanding of market dynamics to develop and evolve innovative new healthcare products. Prior to Medisafe, Jon led Sermo, the pioneer of physician social networking, to 40% market penetration and prepared the service for global expansion after managing through an acquisition by WorldOne, a leader in global healthcare market research. Jon holds a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School. 

  • Brian is an entrepreneur, design engineer, and researcher with a passion for designing innovative medical products and assistive technologies. Currently, Brian is an Innovation Strategy Manager at the Brigham Innovation Hub. Brian is also the founder of an early stage medical device company, Therapeutic Systems, focused on helping people across the life spans who are struggling with brain disorders such as autism, ADHD, PTSD and anxiety based disorders. As CEO, Brian lead Therapeutic Systems in winning MassChallenge in 2011, the UMass Innovation Challenge, a VentureWell E-Team award, raised seed investment, and launched the product. Brian holds a B.S.M.E., M.S.M.E and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Brian's doctoral research covered many disciplines, from clinical research exploring the safety and effectiveness of treatments for people with mental illness, to the design, development, and commercialization of therapeutic devices for people with disorders related to the brain. His focus has been on the testing and design of non-invasive low risk sensory based interventions to facilitate better focus, function, interaction, and performance. Brian’s work has led to peer reviewed publications, awards, and presentations in multiple fields. In addition, Brian has given a tedx talk and his work has been features in multiple media outletts including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and industry trade publications. Currently, Brian is working with representatives in the Massachusetts house to advance a bill he drafted focused on improving care in mental health care through innovation; the bill is currently in committee.
    • Internal Medicine
    • Psychiatry
    • Health information technology
    • General medicine
    • Evidence-based medicine
    • Strategy Consulting
    • Clinical Medicine, Medical Writing/Editing, MedTech Startups, Medical Devices, Aministration
    • Technology, Innovation and Education
    • Family and Community Medicine
    • Digital health
    • Neurosciences
    • MedTech
    • Virtual reality
    • Augmented reality
    • Medical Technology
    • mobile health
    • mobile apps
    Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Director of Digital Health, Brain Power. 
    Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Director of Digital Health, Brain Power. 
    • Health and Medicine Consultant at Khan Academy

    Arshya Vahabzadeh M.D. is a Harvard Medical School based physician, trained in both medicine and behavioral health. He is committed to addressing the world's most pressing healthcare needs through medical innovation, in particular the challenges faced by individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions. He is a "40 under 40" healthcare innovator according to MedTechBoston. Dr. Vahabzadeh is the Director of Digital Health at Brain Power. Brain Power is a company that builds neuroscience-based software and hardware that transform current wearable computers into neuro-assistive and educational devices for autism. He is the former Chairman of the Council on Communications of the American Psychiatric Association and a consultant to Khan Academy, Neurolaunch, and Anthem. He is also a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and McLean Hospital. Dr. Vahabzadeh is widely published in clinical neuroscience, digital health, and medical communication. He has written numerous media editorials and leads a federally funded program to provide autism educational outreach. He has received over 20 national and international awards from organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the American College of Psychiatrists, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and both the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

  • MIT Hacking Medicine
    MIT Hacking Medicine
    • Co-Founder at Recon Therapeutics
    Christopher Lee is currently a PhD Candidate in the joint Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology working in the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research developing new drug delivery techniques and therapeutics for urological diseases under Professor Michael J. Cima. Additionally, Chris is also the co-founder Recon Therapeutics, a medical device start-up focused on providing an improved platform to help patients mix, dose, and inject therapeutics that are delivered in a powered form.    Chris is a 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree for Healthcare, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and an Inc.com top 50 young entrepreneur under 25. Chris received his bachelors from the University of Connecticut, and masters from Johns Hopkins University.    Chris is also a former Co-Director of MIT Hacking Medicine, an organization that is focused on energizing and connecting the best minds across the health ecosystem to solve meaningful healthcare challenges. To date, MIT Hacking Medicine has helped inspire the inception of nearly 30 active companies that have subsequently raised over $200M in financing. Chris has personally helped organize and lead over 30 MIT Hacking Medicine hackathons across several US States and international locations. Under his leadership, the MIT HM organization received the 2016 Stanford MedicineX Prize for 'Education in Healthcare'. 
    • Family Medicine
    • Primary Care Physician, Clinical Instructor, Partners Connected Health at Family Doctors, LLC

    Dr. Phillips is a Primary Care Physician practicing on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  He sees patients all of all ages at Family Doctors, LLC in the town of Swampscott.  As a PCP, his clinical interests include prevention, wellness, motivational interviewing, and evidence-based chronic disease management.

    As a proponent of wellness and prevention, Dr. Phillips and his colleagues have developed a 12-week Wellness Program for patients at his practice.  Through this program, patients are taught the skills and tools they can implement to making meaningful, and lasting, lifestyle change and health-positive habits.

    He is s strong believer in leveraging technology to assist in caring for patients.  On the front lines, he has been using activity trackers, mobile apps, and mobile health solutions to motivate patients and effect change.  To further these interests, Dr. Phillips began working with the Partners Center for Connected Health at Massachusetts General Hospital earlier this year.  Specific interests include patient-centered, cost-effective, technology-enhanced healthcare delivery, using connected health for chronic disease management and in helping those with mental illness.

    Dr. Phillips received his medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  He was elected chief resident and completed his Residency at Tufts Medical Center and Cambridge Health Alliance.  He continues to teach medical students from both UMass and Tufts in his office on the North Shore.

  • Healthcare Investor at Tufts Health Ventures
    Healthcare Investor at Tufts Health Ventures
    • Partner, International Business Development at Genesis Ventures

    John Silva is an entrepreneur and investor focused on life-saving solutions. He is passionate about working with innovative ventures to execute investments, business development, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.  


    • Leadership Roles: Tufts Health Ventures, Harvard Wellman Fund, Institute for Patient Safety
    • Specialties: Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital, Corporate Development, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Corporate Strategy, Due Diligence, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures
  • MD/MBA Candidate at the Tufts School of Medicine
    MD/MBA Candidate at the Tufts School of Medicine

    Rohan Jotwani is a MD/MBA 4th year student at Tufts School of Medicine. He graduated from Columbia University in 2012 and spent time working prior to med school working as a producer with TheDoctorsChannel.com. His current research interests include the convergence of academic medicine and management. Specifically, he has published on crisis management during the Boston Marathon Bombings, conflict of interest with industry, and new partnership models with clinical training sites. He has also was a lead organizer of MedStart, an annual hackathon held at the Tufts Med, leading partnerships with the White House Innovation group, Boston Scientific, and Hacking Medicine at MIT. He currently serves as an advisor to the Medstro team and is a member of the Tufts School of Medicine admissions committee. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a residency in anesthesia and critical care and eventually a fellowship in critical careIn his free time, Rohan enjoys exploring Japanese martial arts, running, public speaking, contemporary art, and fusion cooking. He is an active member of the Shinkendo dojo of Chintatown, Boston, where he is currently ranked at the level of Ichimonji (roughly translates to “straight-line”).


    • Clinical Informatics
    • Psychiatry
    Clinical Informatics at UC San Francisco
    Clinical Informatics at UC San Francisco
    • Clinical Informatics Fellow at UCSF School of Medicine

    Steven Chan (@StevenChanMD, www.stevenchanMD.com) works at the intersection of healthcare, behavior, medicine, business, and technology. Steve not only reports on the latest technology trends as contributor to the The Doctor Weighs In video and health news blog, and editorial boardmember for the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Mental Health, but also develops cutting-edge research in the areas of asynchronous telepsychiatry, smartphones and mobile wearable devices for mental health, and applications for cultural psychiatry and underserved minority health.

    Steve's ideas, thoughts, and research have been featured in JAMA, Telemedicine and e-Health, and JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research). In the popular press, he has been featured on PBS, NPR Ideastream, and Wired magazine. He has designed and developed interactive voice user interfaces at Microsoft. With the support of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Steve serves as current American Psychiatric Association (APA) & SAMHSA MFP Fellow to the APA Council of Communications, APA Committee on Mental Health Information Technology, and the Workgroup on Mental Health & Psychiatric Apps.

    Dr. Chan draws from his extensive training at the University of California’s leading institutes — with computer science & engineering at UC Berkeley and informatics coursework at Stanford University; medical training at UCLA, UC San Francisco, UC Davis, UC Irvine, and Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai in New York City; and business & healthcare administration at UC Irvine. As a current resident physician in psychiatry & behavioral sciences at UC Davis School of Medicine, Dr. Chan treats a variety of patients, including veterans, felons, and the homeless.

  • With years of both business development and fundraising experience, my objective is to combine these areas of expertise to establish interaction among entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, industry, investors, state agencies and others to contribute to a rich entrepreneurial business ecosystem in the Commonwealth. As Associate Director of M2D2, I have a number of roles and wear lots of hats. You may find me showing lab and office space to new start up companies, or leading a tour for international businessmen, or crunching numbers for a financial report, or touting the strengths of the M2D2-UMass Medical School partnership at a community networking event, or keeping a “Shark Tank” pitch event running on time, or having coffee with any number of local business leaders interested in corporate sponsorship. I’ve worked to establish programs, organized and run events and I’ve traveled locally and internationally to establish business partnerships. Read more: http://sapartners.org/thys-cronje-and-mary-ann-picard-interview/
  • Associate Director, Global Digital Customer Engagement at Biogen
    Associate Director, Global Digital Customer Engagement at Biogen
    • Associate Director, Global Digital Customer Engagement at Biogen
    Shwen brings over a decade of experience in digital strategy, social media and pharmaceutical marketing/communications, both on the client-side and at leading agencies, and across consumer and professional verticals. Shwen is a well regarded pioneer in Digital Health and Social Pharma, who was recently recognized as a “Top 40 Healthcare Transformer” by MM&M (2015). He has played chairing roles at Digital Pharma East since 2009 (including Social Innovation Day in 2014) and ALI’s “Social Media and Multi-Channel Marketing for Pharma” since 2013. He also sits on a a number of advisory boards, including: Google (Healthcare), South by Southwest (SXSW), Digital Health Coalition and Medical, Marketing and Media, among others.
  • Principal at RNA Capital Advisors
    Principal at RNA Capital Advisors
    • Principal at RNA Capital Advisors
    Scott performs buy-side and sell-side transaction advisory services and market assessment at RNA Capital Advisors. He specializes in the assessment of healthcare and lifescience companies, products, technologies, and opportunities via the dual lenses of financial and market analysis in the settings of sell-side fundraising, buy-side diligence and investment analysis, and internal strategic positioning and decision-making. Scott holds a PhD from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, following a BA in Physics from Cornell University.
    • Otolaryngology
    • Quality Improvement
    • Technology, Innovation and Education
    • Endoscopic and skull-base surgery
    • Allergy management and treatment
    • Clinical outcomes research
    Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Member of Global Genes
    Medical & Scientific Advisory Board Member of Global Genes
    • Physician/Surgeon at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School
    Ayesha is a Board Certified ENT surgeon with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She recently completed her MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the Sloan Fellows Program - a program focused on innovation and global leadership. Ayesha is a systems thinker and a healthcare innovation enthusiast. While at Sloan, Ayesha joined MIT H@cking Medicine to help promote disruptive thinking in healthcare. Prior to Sloan, Ayesha served on several Boards for medical organizations, performed cutting edge basic science and clinical research in the areas of inflammation and mucociliary clearance. She is a Medical & Scientific Board Member of Global Genes. As a practicing clinician, understands the healthcare change process and the need to foster cross-disciplinary engagement. She is involved with an innovative venture -Collective Healthtech - that is innovating the way hospitals collaborate on a global level. Ayesha is deeply committed to her passion of promoting girls to study scientific fields as well as technology and engineering. During her time at MIT, she engaged in several educational technology initiatives including a project in Peter Senge's Leadership Lab at MIT Sloan. Through this, she was part of a project at Porto Seguro School in Sao Paulo, Brazil that worked on the integration of technology in education using a systems thinking approach to encourage student-centered learning. @ayeshakhalidmd @mithackmed
    • Geriatric Medicine
    • Internal Medicine
    • Hospital Medicine (Hospitalist)
    Chief of Hospital Medicine at MGH
    Chief of Hospital Medicine at MGH

    Melissa Mattison, MD, SFHM, FACP is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine and completed her residency and chief medical residency at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston, Massachusetts. She completed a fellowship in Geriatrics at the Harvard Division on Aging and has a special interest in the care of hospitalized elders. Dr. Mattison is the Chief of Hospital Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. 

    • Not Boarded
    • Digital health
    Digital Health Innovation, New Ventures at J&J Innovation
    Digital Health Innovation, New Ventures at J&J Innovation
    • Director, Digital Health Innovation, New Ventures at J&J Innovation

    Global Director, Digital Health Innovation for Johnson & Johnson Innovation, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Responsible for identifying and fostering transformational high-tech earlystage innovation to enhance opportunities for collaboration and investment across J&J's Pharma, Consumer, MedTech, and Global Public Health sectors.

    Named 40 under 40 Healthcare Innovator by the Boston Business Journal and Medtech Boston; Cris is a seasoned entrepreneur/intrapreneur who is passionate about the role of digital technology in improving human health. 

    With entrepreneurial DNA, Cris is most notably known for his role in the innovation economy since Co-Founding Ultra Light Startups, the oldest and largest startup venture competition in Boston and New York City. ULS has accelerated 800+ bootstrapping startups with 26% having successfully raised seed/venture funding. http://ultralightstartups.com

    Cris serves on the advisory boards of SXSW Interactive -Digital Health/Lifesciences track and AARP Health Innovation @50+. He advises/mentors academic and research institutes, government agencies, corporations, entrepreneurs, and early stage companies. 


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