African-American Youth Need Mentors

African-American men and women are needed to be volunteer mentors to youth Have you been hearing about high dropout rates and been thinking that there has to be something you can do to help? We need mentors for Richmond, Oakland and Bay Area teens, to encourage students as they take on work and have more pressure from new friends and programs. Support and befriend them so that they may ultimately be able to graduate and go onto become successful adults. There are some serious problems attacking our children... Drugs in their neighborhoods Crime and violence in juvenile gangs Teen Pregnancy launching our teens, unprepared, into adulthood Education failure with school dropouts creating an ignorant population Fifteen Million kids wake up every morning without a caring adult in their lives. What Can You Do? Of the 15 million kids who suffer from these severe problems, some survive to become responsible and productive citizens. Research and experience shows they all had someone in their lives consistently that cared enough to encourage and inspire them. Why Mentor? Assist youth in making positive choices, Explore careers and higher education, Help improve youth's grades, Assist youth's in setting goals for the future, See new things and places, and have fun! Be a positive role model and friend Mentoring boys and girls is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community How does it work? Mentors spend minimum of 8 hours per month together Focus on schoolwork Go to movies Sporting events or museums Simply talk and be a trusted friend It's been proven time and again that spending time with teens, one-to-one, will help them build a path for a healthier, more successful future. For more volunteer information copy and paste the link below into browser! Be A Mentor, Inc. has been positively interacting with at-risk and academically low performing youth since its founding in 1992 and continues to connect youth with dedicated volunteer adults throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide a direct mentoring service to at-risk youth (such as those in foster care; with incarcerated parents; susceptible to gang participation, drug/alcohol abuse or teen parenting; homeless/in transition or academically struggling).

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