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Recruiter Screening for Physicians!

Are you tired of recruiters cold-calling you for jobs that you're not interested in?

Are you concerned about giving your email address, phone number and other personal details to "job sites" that will probably sell that information to hundreds of recruiters, resulting in you getting spam and unwanted phone calls for years?

MySearchCriteria is a service of Medstro that allows you to "screen" recruiters without giving them your contact details

You are in Control — You decide when to share your details with employers.

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    You fill out search criteria for the job you want

    These criteria can include a variety of conditions, such as: Locations, Specialties, Practice Environment, Salary Range, Call Schedule, Employment Term, Neighborhood and more.

    We also ask you questions to understand what you vaue, what is important to you and what's not so important. It's like but for doctors!

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    You get a free email address to use when signing up for job boards

    We will screen all inbound emails to that address and filter out all of the spam, vague requests and jobs that don't match your criteria, and forward on to you only actual jobs that match your criteria.

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    We screen all job listings for only real jobs that match your criteria

    We notify you of those jobs, and then only with your permission, we put you in touch with the employer. We never send your contact details to anyone; that is entirely under your control.

No spam, no cold-calls, no giving out your private information.

Try MySearchCriteria today!

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