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Effective teamwork is not explicitly taught in medicine, but has been shown to increase patient safety and improve quality of care. Teamwork training is an area ripe for innovation. Many industries (Outward Bound, Toyota’s™ Lean Training) target their training to enhance team behavior for better outcomes. Providers and staff are a prime audience for acquiring teamwork behaviors for an improved primary care future. We created a workshop to teach team dynamics as well as behaviors that enhance performance to residents in training and clinic staff. Residents and staff interact as a team to prioritize a list of items to survive on a deserted island. Next, teams simulate a production factory using Mr. Potato-Head toys. Each team-member has a specific task, as teams race to manufacture completed toys. Observed behaviors are used to highlight what adds to or detracts from effective teamwork and group dynamics. This illustrates improvement in quality/safety with more effective teamwork.