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Let's look at some numbers:
10% of Medicare patients are estimated to suffer from congestive heart failure (CHF)
33% of all Medicare costs tho, are estimated to patients with Heart Failure, per American College of Cardiology
$583 billion was the estimate of Medicare costs in 2013 alone.
~$194 billion then is the cost estimated to patients of CHF every single year, and rising
As a future physician, I look at these numbers and I see a problem. But as an entrepreneur I want to find a solution. Turns out, strong outpatient follow up, with patient education, are two data proven strategies towards preventing CHF complications. At our CHF clinic, we are launching an app to monitor 3 basic metrics (changes in breathing; fluid status; and how a patient feels) to monitor when acute exacerbations are about to occur. Then, a healthcare provider (MD/RN/PA) can talk to patients and address problems as they arise instead of the usual ED visit/hospitalization.
Let's improve chronic care!