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Hundreds of thousands of people remain uninsured in America. Even the insured have prohibitive deductibles and / or co-payments for their primary care. One simple yet effective solution is gaining popularity in Northwest Florida. Two physicians, with a team of physician assistants, nurses, and staff help to bring affordable primary care to the patients with transparent, accessible care at just $45 / office visit. No insurances accepted. Our team operates at three different locations from 9am - 9pm 6 days per week, providing access to care to the working citizens who can't take days off. Our mission is to serve the under-served. As cliche as that may sound, we have been featured on local news as "Angels in our Midst" for carrying out exactly that. Not only is it a good service, but it is also a good business model. We remain sustainable and more transparent than ever with a brand new website with pricing for every single procedure we provide. Come visit us if you're ever in the area!