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Kenya has a population of 40 million citizens who have limited access to the 6,000 practising physicians over 8,000 medical facilities. This Doctor to population ratio is significantly low and the result is that Kenyans die from preventable illnesses if only they had access to information. On the flip side Kenya has about 30 million mobile phone subscribers almost half who access the internet i.e 15 million people. This has provided an avenue for kenyans to seek health information. We have created a platform where Kenyans can ask medical doctors(who volunteer) at no cost. This way Kenyans can make informed decisions about their health e.g. whether I should see a Doctor urgently or what remedies that can be made. The service is called ASKADOC. We have 25 medical professionals who have answered over 5,000 questions and having changed lives for people who would not have had such access to physicians