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Ultrasound Proposal

1. Rational for proposal
2. Employment potential
3. Introduction of ultrasounds into primary care offers the prospect of creating up to 5,000 jobs in the immediate.

These posts would entail:
• Education & training: A protocol would be required to meet the specific needs of general practitioners. It should complement their existing knowledge of anatomy. Exposure to ultrasounds for example in obstetrics would also enable easier training
• Establishment of a platform to upload images. The design of this platform would depend on the shape and structure of service to be provided.
• Quality assurance
• Reporting
• Computerisation of reporting

Financial Gain
This is a new concept. As such it would qualify for European funding both under the heading of project development and Education grants.

• Escalation in health costs over a decade is evident
• New technology can impact this in several ways

Lung ultrasound is an accurate diagnostic tool for the ...

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