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Data shows that 40% of patients seen in primary care do not need a specialist referral. As we evolve towards a value-based health care model in the US, it becomes imperative for primary care providers and specialists to communicate efficiently and effectively, while continuing to provide high quality, cost-effective, and coordinated care.

RubiconMD redesigns the referral process and empowers the PCP by bringing specialist expertise to the point of care. Our HIPAA-compliant platform allows PCPs to upload only relevant data and history, and have access to a network of engaged specialists wherever they are. Questions are routed to the best-fit and available specialist who will respond within a few hours. Armed with new knowledge, the PCP can now decide on the next best step for their patient. 

Our data has shown we have optimized or eliminated more than 70% of avoidable referrals. Eventually, better care-coordination will help networks save on avoidable referrals and leakage.