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You want to be a part of the change! This is the first time in history that we are flying in crowd-voted innovators from around the country to tell us how they are fixing primary care! And you will help pick the winners!

Additionally... Primary Care Visionaries will guide us through the evening.

Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School, Assistant Professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Associate Program Director of Primary Health Care Performance Initiative at Ariadne Labs, and Core Faculty Lead for Transformation Strategy and Design at Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care will give the opening remarks of his vision of how we will come together to create change!

Marci Nielsen, PhD, MPH, CEO of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, is flying in from Washington, DC, to moderate the pitch off and tell us her vision!

Andrew Morris-Singer, MD, President and Founder of Primary Care Progress, and community organizer extraordinaire who believes the community will rise up and be the change that America needs, is flying in from Oregon to energize the audience.

Ali Khan, MD, MPP, Physician and Clinical Innovator at Iora Health, a fascinating new model of primary care that was got a whole chapter dedicated to it in Jonathan Bush’s new novel, “Where does it hurt?: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Health Care,” flying in from California will inspire as we contemplate the new models of practice.

We anticipate a packed room. Reserve your tickets at!

Download the full Agenda will Directions: