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Push Health, a free web-based software platform for licensed physicians, is built to handle private & secure patient networks as small as one to as large as one can imagine. Push Health makes it easy for the individual physician (or virtual group [in beta]) to connect with and engage patients through secure messaging and virtual consults. Virtual consultation tools include simple documentation, e-Rx, e-order labs with price guarantee (Quest Diagnostics integration active in several states with more to come), e-invoicing ( integration), progress notes & more. We focus our design with the goal of simplifying the physician's life. For example, unlike all other e-prescribing tools, Push Health e-Rx has the patient choose the pharmacy, not the physician (or staff). The "Request an Invite" process makes it easy to review, approve, and on-board patients. Push Health is a mobile software application that every physician should have, especially as we move into the new world of high-deductible/increased patient cost sharing.