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EZHealthAccess provides the consumer with free, convenient and easy to use access from any device at any time, to all of the valuable services in the new world of connected healthcare.
EZHA uses a simple and intuitive method to solve the consumers day to day and long term healthcare problems. This portal puts telemedicine, value based purchasing, discount pharmacy, online scheduling, personal health records, m-health applications for chronic disease management, and individualized patient navigation at the consumers fingertips.
The challenge looming for m-Health is not technology, it is how to engage the consumer. EZHA makes the impossible task facing the consumer of drinking from the fire-hose of m-health applications and turns it into a milkshake with a straw for the consumer to engage in and enjoy. Once the consumer is engaged the real transformational power of m-health will be realized.
EZHealthAccess will transform healthcare as Amazon did to retail stores.