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Patients are frustrated with receiving paternalistic orders and conforming to clinic schedules. Clinicians are overwhelmed trying to improve outcomes. Twine is a cloud-based collaborative care platform (iOS, Android, Web) that aligns patient and clinician values through the model of apprenticeship. Patients co-create plans with clinician coaches and receive virtual support that blends into their busy lives. The software provides scaffolding to help make informed and balanced decisions easier and communication tools that allow for patients to get help right when they need it.

The apprenticeship model has been validated through 6 years of research at the MIT Media Lab with unparalleled improvements in hypertension care: 3x better outcomes at ⅓ the cost. Twine is now live in practices at 6 prestigious institutions who are working with us to expand across the spectrum of chronic conditions. In the coming year, Twine will be rolling out across hundreds of practices.