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Ischemic stroke management improves with the reduction of time between symptom onset and intervention; hence the adage, "time is brain". Interventions include conservative management, thrombolytic medications, and more recently, endovascular thrombectomy, owing to the success of the MR CLEAN trial (1,2). In each case, shorter time to decision and intervention correlates with greater recovery.

Using Google Glass is ideal for ischemic stroke owing to its algorithm-based management. A neurologist using Glass can receive push information (lab results, vital signs, and imaging data) and communicate with specialists, minimizing their time to decision and intervention.

Our first trial will occur in a controlled environment - a single center emergency department's "Code Stroke" protocol. If successful, this trial can be extended to multiple centers, and then other less controlled environments such as first response units, following the model of success in trials like PHANTOM-S (3).