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Prematurity is leading cause of death & Disabilty. 15 million are born too early. NICU's are noisy & stressful environment.

I plan to use the mp3 with a specially designed headphones to find out if classical music will reduce the stress level in preterm neonates. As a result, I am hoping this may shorten their stay in the NICU & improve the devolopmental outcome.
The study will take place in a designated NICU for 1 years.
The main entry criteria: successful hearing test and age of about +25wks. The sample size will be of approx (TBT). The infants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups: therapeutic or control.
The method will be simple: the mp3 player will be placed in a plastic pouch adhered to the cot or incubator. Neonates in the therapeutic group will listen to relaxing classical music for 1hr/ day for a month. On the other hand, infants in the control group will have the headphone inserted into their hearing but the mp3 will not be playing any music.
The following noted: Dates of admission, discharge, BP, HR, Cortisol(1x day).Data will analyzed to find p value, confidence intervals