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My grandma is over 80 years old, and after a few frightening falls, she has reluctantly submitted to using a walker. For her family, the great fear is that she will fall again. But for my grandma, the great fear is that she is losing her independence.
In 2012, the number of Americans over 65 was 43.1 mln, and by 2030, it is expected to jump to 72.1 mln as the baby boomers reach old age. How do we adequately care for our aging populations while respecting their agency and quality of life?
Enter "Glass Senior." Here are some common issues in elderly living that Glass and its existing apps could address:
• Medication adherence and safety: via reminders/alarms
• Loneliness: via Hangout, audiobooks
• Falls: via pre-programmed accelerometer response
• Cognitive evaluation: via games
• Exercise: via Navigation or Lynxfit
•A quality of life and medication adherence study with Glass Senior and geriatric patients
•Focus groups with seniors to adapt Glass hardware and software