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People with many different health problems (e.g. Parkinson's Disease) must take their medication at carefully timed intervals in order to control symptoms. While there are many pill timers available, they are mostly ugly and cumbersome, have multiple other un-needed functions, or make a noise which means that often you cannot use them without causing a disturbance, and if you are hard of hearing, or don't have the device with you, you might miss the alarm and forget to take essential medication. My idea is a discreet, slim, inexpensive wrist band which would function as a pill timer, and also as a Medic Alert bracelet. It could be set to vibrate quietly against the wearer's inside wrist at specific intervals, and it would have the Medic Alert symbol on the outside and vital medical information on the inside. If the device could be made cheaply it could be purchased in bulk in specific colors and with corporate logos or slogans for distribution at medical conferences and other events.