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A major issue for doctors is the burden of writing up notes after we see a patient in the office. Many studies are showing that physicians have lost several hours each week due to the burden of writing up patient charts with new EHRs (electronic health records) leading to 1) physician stress and decreased satisfaction with work and 2) decreased productivity; seeing fewer patients each day. During a typical 15 minute office visit a doctor must let the patient tell them what is bothering him/her - find the duration of symptoms, what symptoms are present, what it feels like/ location on body, and any associated other symptoms.

My idea is called MedicalScribe. MedicalScribe is a speech-to-text note taking software that includes an analytical relationship extraction feature. It will transcribe a conversation a doctor has with their patient, extract relevant terms used, and then create a note. MedicalScribe makes sense of a large unstructured conversation (data set) to write a concise doctor's note.