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Motion capture (‘mocap’) systems use body-mounted sensors or markers to generate and process fine-grained data about bodily movements. Since mental and neurological disorders impact on gait and psychomotor movements, home-based mocap has significant potential for the remote monitoring of users’ mood and health status.

This potential has yet to be realised, however, owing in part to the prohibitive cost of existing systems. Yet newer and more affordable technologies (e.g. Noitom's crowdfunded Perception Neuron system, from $550) make their use a realistic possibility for mental healthcare.

A pilot involving the Perception Neuron system would involve a home-based feasibility study with mentally unwell participants. Following validation and calibration, the system would be deployed as a home-based monitoring system. Research would focus on the extent to which mocap can function as a non-intrusive, sensitive monitoring (and diagnostic) tool for mental and neurological disorders.