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As a pharmacist, I see multiple uses for mHealth devices in patients started on new medications to ensure therapy is not overtly therapeutic or leading to undesirable adverse effects. For instance, a patient started on a new blood pressure medication can have their BP/HR monitored with a device to ensure that it does not drop dangerously low that may precipitate a fall or gait disturbances. Two areas of focus in this challenge that could be used are as follows:
1. Using Misfit Shine to track Sleep Medications - Baseline sleep status could be tracked prior to the initiation of a hypnotic agent (e.g. Ambien) and determine efficacy and that the patient does not become overly sedated based on movement activity post-start of the drug.
2. Using a Wireless Thermometer (ITHERMONITOR) to Monitor Fevers - In an ill patient requiring use of an antipyretic (e.g. APAP), efficacy could be tracked, and used to time the next dose of therapy or if uncontrolled and requires closer monitoring.