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CLABSIs are a concern for clinicians world wide. When a patient with a central line is sent home, monitoring their temp is crucial. A slight rise could indicate an infection. Monitoring our daughter 24/7 was disruptive to her sleep every night: rest is important to healing. Our goal is to passively gather data by integrating the iThermonitor by Raiing Medical Inc. into the CareAline® Wrap. This allows caregivers to receive an alert when the child’s temp starts to rise, and to have an option to send data to their clinicians. Clinicians will be able to log into their patient's smart wrap to examine data in real time, and view historical temp trends. In patients with central lines, our innovation will help caregivers and clinicians with intervention decisions at the earliest sign of infection. This early detection can lead to prevention of serious complications and sequelae of infection, improving the quality of life for that patient and in turn reducing unnecessary costs for hospitals