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Today, rapidly aging baby boomers facing the risk of Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, Cancer thirst for the "Fountain of Youth". Linked to "big data", the Fountain of Youth is more than a fountain. It's a stream. A stream of data that boomers can tap into to compress morbidity and delay age related illness for decades. How? Wear55 wearables. I'm Danny Perl of Wear55 wearables: where technology and longevity is now the fashion and age 55 is the new half way mark to a long healthy life. Fashioned into Wear55 wearables are biosensors that measure specific biomarkers that in excess, "wear you out" over time. These measurements are uploaded to the Calico longevity database where millions of boomers, genYers, genXers have contributed.Their data is analyzed- results compared enabling highly accurate predictions of health or illness to be displayed on their smart phones. For those who are "wearing out" interventions are prescribed. For those who are "wearing well," a "fashionable" data track for the less well is generated dramatically reducing the health care burden. Many wont be well enough to benefit from Calicos longevity treatment 10 years from now. Will you? I'm Danny Perl the face of Wear55. born in 1960

I wear it well. Wear55 wearables and you will to.