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Wearable for Controlled Body Temperature to Enhance Weight Loss, Productivity, etc...

Personalized setting to control body temperature when
Trying to
stay active and lose weight/bad cholesterol to burn more calories while doing exercises or at work;
be more productive, effective, and increase focus on any task;
set mood preparing to rest;
set mood in the morning waking up without hitting the snooze button;
prepare to learn, etc....

In addition to heart rate, temperature of the body can control how your body
burn extra calories while working out, maybe do this when you don't have time to work out.
People also have a personal degree of temperature that they like to work,
focus on studying, learning, sleep more at night and rest better, control mood/emotions, etc. Not really good at pitching for new products but I hope Embr Labs can figure this out, just think about how many people trying to wake up in the morning and trying to stay awake for the day, trying to sleep and stay asleep at