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Restraints and seclusions (R/S) are a key focus for behavioral health safety and quality. These events can be traumatic for both patients and staff. Due to the high risk nature of R/S, there are many state and national regulations; one of which is a provider face-to-face evaluation within one hour of a patient being placed in seclusion. The time frame becomes challenging, especially during evening, night hours, and in communities lacking 24/7 psychiatric services. Using Google Glasses in this evaluation process would allow unit staff to communicate with the covering MD and allow the MD to remotely assess the patient status. Using the capabilities with Google Glasses would improve MD response time, which may reduce the time a patient is in R/S and allow for more rapid treatment of any issue that may arise from an event. Ideally, this project could lead to other treatment options if the MD was immediately available during a potential crisis, thus possibly eliminating the R/S event.