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Getting a procedure in a hospital is uncomfortable. You are in an unfamiliar environment, wearing thin hospital gowns and have little control over your surroundings. The use of Wristify technology by embr labs poses the question whether temperature adjusting wearable technology can be used as an adjuvant to analgesia.

Lumbar punctures are procedures that are commonly performed in the hospital, where fluid surrounding the spinal cord (Cerebrospinal Fluid) is collected with a needle. This procedure uses local anaesthetic to help lower patient discomfort, but as anyone who has had one will tell you, there is room for improvement.

I am therefore proposing using Wristify technology in a randomized control trial, where patients undergoing lumbar punctures are randomized to receive either usual analgesic therapy + functional Wristify bracelet or usual analgesic therapy + non-functional Wristify bracelet. Study end-point would be patient self-reported pain scores.