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Progressive metabolic deterioration can result from as little as 4-6 months of continuing a physically inactive lifestyle. Under the supervision of a care provider, unlike many mechanical reminder apps, our proposed Personalized Activity Motivator App [PAM] attempts to reverse the process.

We envision PAM to
-provide a gradual increase in activity levels with motivated and guided with a wearable watch
-monitor the patient’s activity levels for a week to determine a baseline
-incorporate the care provider protocol into the patient’s life with minimal input in an adaptive manner.
-engage the patient to ”promise” a certain level of daily activity
-distribute the activity throughout the day
-allow deferral of activity
-communicate with the patient in an empathetic manner
report trending achievement not simply reaching a goal
-adapt to patient’s abilities with machine-learning algorithms based on baseline data and daily progress

PAM uses sensors on wearable devices.