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Despite pneumonia being a treatable disease, 1.2 million children, most specifically in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, die from it every year. We were the first company to develop a pulse oximeter that is entirely powered through a smartphone’s audio jack. The iOximeter requires minimal user training and is a small, affordable, easy-to-transport device. Our proposal is to create a pediatric version of this device that will allow frontline healthcare professionals to measure negative changes in oxygen saturation an early sign of childhood pneumonia. Due to our experience with our first iOximeter, the Smartphone Pediatric Oximeter is expected to be produced for under $20 USD, be reusable and last at least 3 years.

By significantly reducing the cost of vital signs monitoring through peripherals for smartphones, which continue to be adopted widely by citizens of developing countries, we will allow them to take control of their own health without the need of outside assistance.