Question normal

Precision medicine requires reconciling “normal” for a population with “normal” for an individual. Inability to appropriately regulate body temperature, a type of dysautonomia, is a feature of some endocrine, metabolic and neurological diseases and can also occur after traumatic head injuries. Some patients with autonomic dysregulation can have a personal “normal” temperature in the 96-97° F range. A fever for them can be 98-99° F, the “normal” range for the population. This creates a risk of misdiagnosis and untreated infection. In order to develop an improved model to define a “personal normal” body temperature, improve infection detection and understand temperature fluctuations for patients with dysautonomia, we will equip a study group with wearable iThermonitors. We will capture a continuous stream of body surface temperature readings to compare with an unaffected group. Participants will be assessed for perceived wellness and potential indications of infection.

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