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Moms with newborns face endless swirls of feeding, diaper changing, and putting their babies to sleep. Amidst the chaos, they often forget basics such as did they feed their baby the recommended number of times for that age group to ensure proper weight gain. As a result, moms are encouraged to track their babies’ daily activities. The existing tracking solutions are either not automated (paper-pen) or tedious (stand-alone mobile apps). Furthermore, the anxiety of forgetting basic baby-caring tasks is further exacerbated by the fact that first-time parents almost always find themselves much less prepared about babycare than they had expected, regardless of how much reading they had done before giving birth. The Enzo Harmony is a 3-button smart bracelet, which allows parents to track their babies’ daily activities without reaching for pen-and-paper or unlocking a phone each time. This tracked data is paired with a smartphone app that delivers targeted and timely alerting and messaging.