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Drug addiction therapy is multi-faceted and includes family therapy for drug addiction and maintenance therapy for drug addiction. Following a supervised detox from substances, your team at Suboxone Treatment Clinic NYC develops a treatment plan designed with therapeutic options to suit your individual needs. While inpatient drug treatment programs serve a valuable place in the fight against drug abuse, outpatient facilities allow you to say at home, keep your job and continue to get the support your need from family while getting the drug addiction therapy you need to stay clean and sober.

Since drug and alcohol addiction are chronic and ongoing problems, simply getting sober is only part — the very first part — of the battle ahead of you. Your journey to sobriety is usually characterized by the constant threat and occasional fact of relapse.

Drug addiction therapy typically includes a combination of techniques. Behavioral therapies alone aren’t enough. Talk therapy can be accompanied by medical treatment such as prescribing suboxone for pain. Together, these techniques guide you through your transition back to being a normally functioning, sober individual.

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