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What to Expect During Nuclear Exercise Testing
An intravenous (IV) access will be placed in your arm and a nuclear isotope will then be injected at peak exercise (stress). Electrodes will be painlessly placed on your skin and you will be asked to walk on a treadmill, slowly at first, with gradual increases in the speed and incline of the machine every three minutes. During this time, you will be monitored for symptoms, heart rate, and rhythm. This test will be terminated at any time if you are unable to continue or at the cardiologist’s advice. Once the exercise portion of the test is complete, images of your heart will be taken. You will than return for repeat resting pictures sometime after a 3 to 14 hour break.

A nuclear exercise test is performed in three stages:

Stress test: Exercise and / or medication stress
Stress pictures of the heart
Resting pictures of the heart after a 3 to 14 hour break

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