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If you feel a sudden chest pain, ask yourself how it feels. You may think it’s only indigestion, a muscle cramp or heartburn, but these are also symptoms of more serious conditions. Especially if it feels like a weight is squeezing your heart, either call 9-1-1 or get to a medical professional as soon as you can. Chest pain doesn’t always signal a life-threatening condition, but do yourself a favor by visiting the best cardiologist in NYC for a diagnosis. If it’s nothing serious, you can stop worrying. If it is a heart condition, you’ve come to the right place: New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center.

While there are many reasons for pain in your chest, the type of pain you feel provides important clues to its cause. If you feel a dull ache in your chest that sharpens when you twist, it may be a pulled muscle. If it feels like something pressing on your chest, it may be heart trouble. Whatever your chest pain feels like, find the best cardiologists at the Cardiology Manhattan Center.

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