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Diagnostic tools for gastroenterologists, even some as experienced as our doctors, are worth their weight in gold. Your digestive tract is not the easiest part of your body to reach without a scalpel. A gastroenterologist can’t simply poke your abdomen, ask “Does it hurt when I do this?” and know immediately what ails you. Adding to the problem is that many gastrointestinal disorders exhibit similar symptoms. Fortunately, hydrogen breath tests now are available to uncover the source of some gastrointestinal disorders. This procedure makes it easier for our doctors to diagnose certain medical conditions, such as:

- Fructose intolerance
- Lactose intolerance
- Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

A simple breath test, it works because each of the above conditions results from your body’s inability to absorb a dietary carbohydrate or from a condition that promotes abnormal bacterial growth in your digestive tract. These disorders create a specific chemical response that can be measured in your breath, leading to an accurate diagnosis.

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