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For those who have had chronic pain (e.g. back pain, gout) may understand how important it is to take exact amount of pain killers following regular schedule. Also they may know that the medication consumed will only work for for given period, and it takes some time (30 min to 1 hr) to actually kick in.
If you miss the regularly scheduled medication, you will definitely be suffered by the pain, which is so painful, and often it leads to overdose of the pain killers, because the correct amount of the pain killer seems not working at that moment.
If this medication can be scheduled and alarmed regularly by the healthcare provider, and they ask the patients to report the severity of the current pain at that time, the healthcare provider can advise proper scheduling (frequency/amount) of the medication. This should be done with wearable device which are sure to deliver the alarm (e.g. Google Glass, smart watch, etc.).