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What is Ozone Therapy for Immune System Wellness?
In Integrative Wellness NY and aesthetics, we use Ozonized saline as a method of oxidation therapy for Wellness. Ozone therapy is a safe and effective way to help treat autoimmune disorders. These disorders can be very serious; they result in a wide a range of symptoms, and are classically difficult to manage. Ozone therapy has proven itself effective in helping to keep these otherwise painful and hard to manage symptoms under control.

How Does Ozone Therapy Help the Immune System?
Oxygen is the single most important fuel used in your body’s cellular processes, which includes your immune system response. Normally, our bodies process oxygen molecules from the air we breathe; each of these molecules consists of two oxygen atoms bonded together. This is the most naturally stable form of oxygen available to us, but there is another form, which is normally found high in our atmosphere: ozone. Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms bonded together.

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