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If you suffer from chronic back pain, it’s likely caused significant limitations in your physical activities and simple day-to-day routines. Bending over to tie your shoelaces becomes a torturous exercise. Reaching for a napkin or a pen causes a twinge of pain that locks all the muscles in your shoulder. Join ReBalance 360, and you can beat chronic back pain without surgery!

- Are you in constant pain? Especially when it’s in your back, chronic pain demands your attention every waking moment. As a result, you can’t concentrate on your work, your relationships or anything else. Regenerate your health in the ReBalance 360 program!
- Does your chronic lower back pain play havoc with your sex life? The pain itself is debilitating, and pain medications tend to dampen your sexual fire. Save your sex life with ReBalance 360! Advanced treatment options can remove the constant black cloud of pain.
- Chronic back pain isn’t just a physical symptom. Chronic pain can cause depression, anxiety and memory loss. So when we address your back pain, you get more than pain-free days — you get peace of mind, like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Contact us for a consultation.

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