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What is Heart Failure?
Our heart acts as a blood pump. Its regular strong contractions pump the blood to all parts of the body. Any factor that decreases the ability of the heart to pump the blood effectively results in a condition called heart failure.

What Are the Symptoms of Heart Failure?
What Downtown Medical Center Can Teach You about Heart FailureThe common symptoms observed in the patients suffering from heart failure are summarized below.

Shortness of breath: The patient gets short of breath soon after a limited physical activity. The SOB also occurs when the patient lies flat. At times patient falls asleep and he suddenly wakes up after 2 – 3 hours of sleep with severe shortness of breath.

Swelling of the body: The body becomes swollen especially of dependent parts, such as areas of the lower back and ankles.

The other symptoms of heart failure include an abnormally fast and audible heartbeat, accumulation of fluids in the abdomen and cough that may be productive in nature.

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