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Maintenance of the skin integrity, vision and eyes health, an adequate immune system along with an important role in growth, development are some of the scientifically established functions of the vitamin A as discussed here.

What are the Essential Vitamins?Essential Vitamins for Skin and Eyes Better Health
The chemical substances required for the adequate functioning and better health of the human body are traditionally divided into six main nutrients groups, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Amongst these nutrients, vitamins are found to play a very important role in our metabolism.

One thing to understand here is that despite being of utmost importance to us, our body is unable to synthesize vitamins. The only to obtain them is via food. This explains the importance of a balanced diet and also the fact that deficiencies involving most of the vitamins along with all the serious complications occurring secondary to it mostly occur in the areas deprived of the nutrition due to poverty.

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