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A mouth guard is a tough, plastic device that your kids wear inside their mouths to protect their teeth from accidents and sports injuries. A mouthguard is recommended in sports dentistry because it’s far less expensive and less traumatic to teach your kids how to wear a custom-made mouth guard than it is to go through extensive dental work fixing problems. The best children’s dentist in Brooklyn also is your family dentist. He can provide mouthguards for the entire family if yours is particularly active. A mouthguard also is ideal for protecting braces and to prevent injuries from teeth grinding during sleep.

Mouth Guards Brooklyn NYWhen your kids play contact sports like boxing, martial arts or football, a mouthguard is a safe protection for their teeth. Sometimes spelled as two words — mouth guard — the device is provided by your sports dentistry practice, such as the pediatric dentistry of Family Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry of Brooklyn. It’s the place to go for a custom-made mouthguard.

Your kids also may need a custom-made mouth guard if they have braces, grind their teeth. Your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn can tell you if your child is at risk and needs a mouth guard that serves as a barrier between the teeth and lips. Mouthguards also protect soft tissue in the mouth.

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